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6 Recipes With Pie Crust Mix

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6 Recipes With Pie Crust Mix

Did you know our Pie Crust Mix is an undiscovered gem? Just in time for the fall harvest, fairs, and comfort foods, this season wouldn't be complete without these wonderful gluten-free recipes! You'll notice it's the MinusG Pie Crust Mix that makes them so delicious. 


Apple Fritter Recipe

Light and fluffy dough, loaded with chunks of cinnamon-swirled apples, covered in a sweet cider glaze, oh my! It's like taking the best part of apple pie and donuts all combined into one. In less than 30 minutes you can have these scrumptious treats in your hot hands. Make sure you stash a couple for yourself or you might blink your eyes and they'll be gone.


Gluten-free Cherry Pie Recipe

Our gluten-free tart cherry pie recipe is made with frozen tart cherries and delicious flavors from almond extract, amaretto and some good old sugar & butter. Tart cherries are packed with antioxidants and also brighter in color, giving this tart cherry pie a gorgeous, bright red look. All of this goodness is tucked into a golden brown buttery flaky crust. I promise you It’s well worth the effort and every bite of this sweet indulgence will have your friends raving over it

Gluten-free Cherry Pie Recipe »


Gluten-free Pierogi Recipe

Gluten-free living just got better! We all miss these delightful little dumplings, fried with a little butter and onion. So grab your bag of MinusG Pie Crust mix and let's get started. Oh, I can't wait!

Gluten-free Pierogi Recipe »


Gluten-free Light & Flaky Biscuit Recipe

Everything you've dreamed about in a biscuit is right here! These are the most tender gluten-free biscuits you'll find and they are made with our Pie Crust Mix. The key is to not over mix the dough. This will give you light and flaky layers every time. We recommend serving them piping hot with honey, jam or a light slather of butter. 

Gluten-free Light & Flaky Biscuit Recipe »


Gluten-free Funnel Cake Recipe

Funnel Cakes instantly make the world a sweeter place. We've all stood in line both for deep-fried funnel cakes and the Ferris wheel, right? So let's bring that memorable fair food experience home, minus the lines and the gluten! Made by pouring batter directly into hot oil and fried until golden, and topped with plenty of powdered sugar then eaten while crisp and warm…wow. They're sooo good!

Gluten-free Funnel Cake Recipe »


Gluten-free Apple Stressel Pie Recipe

There's nothing more satisfying than making a pie completely from scratch especially with locally-grown produce. I like to shop at our local farm market for crisp tart apples so they don't losing their integrity while baking. This gluten-free Rustic Apple Streusel Pie has a scrumptious, flaky crust, with a rich apple filling that's juicy, and is the perfect pairing for vanilla ice cream! I think it should be call "The Apple Pie You Must Must Try!" I can't wait for it to cool.

Gluten-free Apple Streusel Pie Recipe »

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