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5 Easy Summer Dessert Recipes

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5 Easy Summer Dessert Recipes

Soak in the summer with delightful dessert recipes from the MinusG Kitchen! On hot summer days, these gluten-free desserts are the perfect way to end a meal. And they’re easy to make too!

We recommend using fresh seasonal fruit from your garden or farmers market in these fruit crisps, cobblers, and pies. Naturally-ripened produce always makes a fruit dessert even more flavorful.

If you’re in the mood for chocolate, check out our ice cream chocolate chip cookie sandwich recipe. It’s refreshing and kid-approved! We have all this and more to make your summer a "splashing" hit!


Gluten-free Berry Crisp

There are some summer desserts that seem too good to be true. This Triple Berry Crisp is one of them. The sweet, tart, and juicy berries layered under a buttery crunchy oat topping are unbelievably good!



Gluten-free peach cobbler recipe

There's nothing is more refreshing than fresh juicy peaches. And of course, summer wouldn’t be the same without this delicious gluten-free peach cobbler. Our recipe makes a sweet cake-like biscuit. Be sure to get a bag of our Perfect Pie Mix to make this must-have cobbler!


Easy Gluten-free ice cream cookie sandwich recipe

Who can resist ice cream and cookies? These are a perfect gluten-free treat for a hot summer day. Try swapping out the classic vanilla ice cream with your favorite ice cream flavors.

Gluten-free Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich Recipe »


Gluten-free blueberry pie recipe

Life is always sweeter with a gluten-free blueberry pie. For this recipe you’re going to need 5 cups of blueberries! Bursting with flavor, when all is said and done, you'll find this is the best gluten-free blueberry pie recipe!

Gluten-free Blueberry Pie Recipe »


Perfect Gluten-free Peach Pie

Oh, sweet peaches! This is the best gluten-free peach pie recipe! The secret to its extraordinary flavor is the orange juice and zest. The orange gives just the right amount of tang while enhancing the fresh peach flavor. You must have a piece!

Gluten-free Peach Pie Recipe »

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