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Your Stories

We are thrilled to receive your feedback about our products. See what others have said about our hand-crafted, gluten-free baking mixes, below. Share your MinusG story.

"As a person with multiple dietary restrictions, I love using MinusG products! So easy and delicious, even my husband enjoys these gluten and dairy free recipes! I recently made the cinnamon rolls and used the rest of the mix to make a pizza. Both turned out fabulous! Having the how-to videos online are also super helpful. I’m happy to support a small, local business who understands how important it is to have gluten-free options. Thank you for creating and sharing your products!"
~ Chelsea, Ohio

"Just bought MinusG yesterday for the first time after a taste testing at Earth's Natural Treasures in Geneva. Made pancakes for lunch today. These are the best pancakes I have had in years (even before I went GF)!"
~ Cheryl, Ohio

"I adore your chocolate chip cookies and thank you for your efforts of making them taste better than the gluten filled ones. I can’t wait to try your other products!"
~ Sara, Ohio

"Best pizza ever, fluffy, light and delicious! Glad we found you at the Hudson Flea Market."
~ Esther, Ohio

"I just made some butter balls using the MinusG Pie Crust Mix! EXCEPTIONAL!"
~ Victoria, Ohio

"These are the best gluten free mixes! Made with clean ingredients, and not dry or brittle like other mixes I've tried. We made the pizza today and it was amazing! Light, fluffy and chewy...the perfect crust. Can't wait to order more! Love supporting small businesses, and this is better than any grocery store product. Thank you!"
~ Chrissy, Ohio

"I’ve tried many gluten free crusts over the past couple years and this is seriously the best! It tastes more like “regular” pizza than any other crust I’ve tried. I definitely need to buy more!"
~ Lauren, Ohio

"It was so nice meeting you at the Food Show this weekend. I cannot tell you how much I love what you are doing. My daughter was diagnosed with Celiac this year and it has been such a challenge to find her GOOD food that she enjoys."
Danielle, Cleveland, Ohio

"I saw them at the IX center for the Christmas Connection and they have amazing gluten free products. I tasted the pizza crust and it was so good!"
~ Kayla, Ohio

"Oh, that's gluten-free? You definitely can't tell. That's good!!"
~ a gal at the IX Center Christmas Connection

"Ran into these two lovely ladies at the IX in Cleveland yesterday. I live in PA and they can't ship out of state yet. But I picked up some things while there and will simply have to drive over to get more!! Samples of the chocolate cake, pizza crust, pancakes... All were amazing!! My husband devoured the apple pie and is saving the pumpkin bread for later."
~ Dina, Pennsylvania

"This is gluten-free and allergy-friendly? This is such a great thing! This is such an answer for finding something we can eat. Thank you for doing this!"
~ a gal at the IX Center Christmas Connection

"Wow! What a surprise! I tried your sandwich bread and it is fantastic. It smells great and has an excellent crumb. It cuts nicely without separating and it toasts wonderfully too. Above all, it has great taste and no aftertaste. You have a terrific product there. I enjoyed it immensely."
~ Fred, Michigan

"I have not had bread in over 6 weeks until i met these folks. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!! Thank you so much." 
~ Sandi, Olmsted Falls, Ohio

"I don't care if it's gluten-free. If these pancakes taste this good, I'm buying them!"
~ a gal at the Shaker Square Farmer's Market

"I've been gluten sensitive for the past 5 years and pretty much had just faced the facts that breads and pastas would no longer be in my diet ... that is until I started trying MinusG! Now I'm enjoying cookies, bread, cake, pizza crust, and muffins thanks to these wonderful creations, mixes and recipes! Get to know these folks cuz they have spent hundreds, if not thousands, of hours perfecting the art of gluten free baking and cooking! They are incredibly proficient. Who knew gluten free could be so good?!?!"
~ Sarah Jackson