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Buy MinusG from Breadsmith of Lakewood

Make a difference by supporting your community when you purchase MinusG gluten-free baking mixes. Shop these local businesses near you that carry our mixes.

*Note: a phone call ahead is recommended to ensure desired mixes are in stock.

BREADSMITH OF LAKEWOOD { Carries Bread, Pizza, Cookie Mixes }
18101 Detroit Avenue Lakewood, OH 44107
(216) 529-8443
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EARTH'S NATURAL TREASURES { Carries 5 Baking Mixes }
56 South Broadway Geneva, OH 44041
(440) 466-4368

RICHARD'S MAPLE PRODUCTS { Carries all 7 Baking Mixes }
545 Water Street, Chardon, Ohio 44024
(800) 352-4052

SAGE'S APPLES FRUIT FARM { Carries all 7 Baking Mixes }
11355 Chardon Road, Chardon, Ohio 44024
(440) 286-3416

THE OLIVE TAP { Carries all 7 Baking Mixes }
30 Public Square, Medina, OH 44256
(330) 721-6500

Wish to purchase mixes not stocked?

If you cannot find what you're looking for at your local store, buy online here at our MINUSG STORE, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we'll ship directly to you.

Wish to bring MinusG to a store near you?

Do you wish your local store sold MinusG's gluten-free baking mixes? Talk to the purchasing manager there, tell them about MinusG, why you love our products and why they should carry them, then reach out to our team at We'll gladly reach out to them too!