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Our Story

MinusG, established in 2015, is a dream coming true. My name is Katherine Gardner, a 5th generation baker and I'm living without compromise! I've always loved to bake and design. As a child you could find me in the kitchen trying my hand at a new recipe or in front of a drawing board. In 2004, I was diagnosed with celiac disease and in my search to find a gluten-free equivalent for both sweet and savory bakery items, I started formulating my own gluten-free baking mixes. My friends and family were so impressed; they were not only eating gluten-free, but loving every bite.

The lack of tasty gluten-free options in the market has been the driving force behind MinusG. It's my passion to share how those with celiac disease can have exceptionally great-tasting food and to provide solutions to those who struggle with allergies and their health. I'm dedicated to make the best gluten-free mixes money can buy and to develop recipes so you can make your favorite meals again. What started as a fix for my own diagnosis, has now reached into many homes.

It's my hope to break the stereotype by making gluten-free baking mixes that not only taste outrageously delicious, but are non-GMO and plant-based so you can live your life without compromise. Now everyone can enjoy eating, it’s surprisingly gluten-free. 

~Katherine, the MinusG Baker


Watch Katherine interviewed on New Day Cleveland!

As seen on Cleveland's FOX 8, learn how MinusG brings hope to the gluten-free community and what led Katherine to start a business making delicious gluten-free foods.