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Your Story Matters

Finding out you have been diagnosed with celiac disease can feel overwhelming. I too felt this challenge, wondering how to get started and where to find good food that won't cause me more harm. You are not alone on this journey. I want you to know there is hope on the other side of your diagnosis. 

We've asked our community to share their stories, what led them to follow a gluten-free diet, the struggles they found along the way, and how MinusG is making a difference. We hope these stories will inspire and encourage you on your journey!


Marianne's Story

What led you to following a gluten-free diet?
Our journey to gluten free eating started when my 7 year old daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in September 2012. Since both Type 1 and celiac are commonly found together she was tested for celiac upon admittance, was positive and a scope later confirmed it.

What struggles did you find?
Initially we struggled in social situations and eating out. It was also a struggle to find suitable replacements for her favorite foods that also tasted good. Now she's 16 and thriving on the gluten free diet.

How has MinusG met your dietary needs?
Mixes like MinusG make it easy for me to make foods that taste great, not just for her, but for our gluten eating friends as well. No one can ever tell the difference.

Do you have a favorite MinusG mix?
Our favorites are the cinnamon roll mix and the sandwich bread but the lemon bars and donuts are pretty amazing too! Thank you!

Paulette & Charlie's Story

What led you to following a gluten-free diet?
So here we go. My husband Charlie has been gluten free over 25 years. His celiac disease was actually found by accident. One winter he had a seal like cough/bark that would not clear up. His family doctor finally sent him to specialists; pulmonary, ENT, and finally a gastroenterologist. The gastroenterologist decided to do an EGD on him. While he was in the stomach he decided to look at his colon. It was evident by just looking, he had smooth villi. Doctor also took a biopsy. He ended up with all the hereditary markers.  Over the years we found out one of his sisters had celiac as a baby. One of his uncles said he had the family curse. That started his journey.

What struggles did you find?
We found stuff at the local health food store (very expensive) and found a company called Miss Roebins that had mixes. I am not a born cook/baker. The first Thanksgiving I made a pumpkin pie. The crust was so bad you couldn't cut it with a knife. LOL. We joined the Celiac Association which gave us many recipes. It also had a book of commercial items that were gluten free. I would spend hours in the grocery store. There was nothing in the marketplace like there is now.

As years past he would have EGD'S every year or so. One time the doctor shook his finger at me and said "One of these days he is going to have cancer and there will be nothing you can do about it." That was a wake up call for me. He stuck to the diet. Fast forward 15 years. Charlie developed a tumor near his right shoulder. It grew daily. The doctors were astonished. We found out he had T-cell lymphoma. I am a reader and found out all we could. One glaring statement that stood out to us was, "if left untreated Celiac disease can cause T-cell lymphoma." WOW!! He had 4 rounds of chemo and 6 weeks of radiation treatment. As fast as the tumor came, it went.

One glaring statement that stood out to us was, "If left untreated Celiac disease can cause T-cell lymphoma." WOW!!

Right around that time our insurance changed and unfortunately we had to change gastroenterologists. The old one sent all records  to the new one. The new one did not look at his records. He did an EGD and came out accusing me; "Who told you he has celiac? He doesn't have it and never did." He refused to listen to what I had to say. So, Charlie decided to listen to him and went back to eating like he used to before celiac.

About a year later he started losing weight. He went from 250 to 140 in three months. Of course they thought his cancer was back; thankfully it was not. We also were able to go back to his original gastroenterologist. His celiac had flared up big time. He got back on the diet and has not knowingly cheated since.

How did you find MinusG?
Fortunately it is so much easier now that more options are in the marketplace. There used to be a gluten free bakery in our town. We purchased a lot from him. Unfortunately he had to close up because of the pandemic. He couldn't get product. We found MinusG on Facebook.

How has MinusG met your dietary needs?
It has been a life saver. I am still not a natural baker; but I have been pushing forward with the mixes.

Do you have a favorite MinusG mix?
Charlie's favorite is the cinnamon rolls. They taste great. I have eaten them too.  Right now we have almost every mix. Now that tax season is over I will get back to baking (I work for a tax firm).

Our journeys can be long and take many turns. I'm grateful to be a part of yours!
~ Katherine, the MinusG Baker