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Pantry Bundle

Pantry Bundle

Gluten-Free, Top 9 Allergen-Free, Vegan


Treat yourself and those you love to fluffy pancakes, delicious muffins, chocolate chip cookies, and more with our Pantry Bundle. Amaze them with artisan pizzas and bread. Easy to prepare and enjoyable for all.

MinusG's Pantry Bundle includes:

  • Artisan Pizza Mix, (makes one 12-inch thick or 2 12-inch thin)
  • Wow, it's real Bread Mix, (makes one 9"x5" loaf)
  • Aunt Katherine's Pancake & Waffle Mix (makes 22 pancakes)
  • Simply Scrumptious Muffin Mix, (makes 12 muffins)
  • Donut Mix, (makes 24 donuts)
  • Mmmm good Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, (makes 24 cookies)
  • The Perfect Pie Crust Mix, (makes two 9-inch crusts)
  • The Best Ever Chocolate Cake Mix, (makes two 8-inch, one 9-inch or cupcakes)

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