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BESTSELLER Bread Mix, Wow, it's real!

BESTSELLER Bread Mix, Wow, it's real!

Gluten-Free, Rice-Free, Sugar-Free, Top 9 Allergen-Free, Vegan




    Relish the delightful taste of fresh-baked bread made right in your home! Better than the leading brands, this gluten-free bread is a must-try! 

    • Makes 1 8x4-inch loaf!
    • No gluten, top 9 free, plant-based, vegan
    • Sugar-free, rice-free, preservative-free, Non-GMO

    Enjoy great-tasting panini's that won't crumble, French toast that doesn't become mush, and sandwiches on regular-loaf slices. It's moist, flavorful, bendable and SOOOOO good! Look no further than MinusG Sandwich Bread Mix!

    Ingredients: flour blend (whole grain sweet sorghum,  tapioca,  potato starch,  whole grain millet),  yeast, xanthan gum, sea salt,  potato flour, cream of tartar


    Make buttery pull-apart dinner rolls, hamburger and hotdog buns, herbed stuffing and more! See our blog for recipes you can make with this mix.


    Tip: Slice and freeze for later use

    How to Make:


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