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Why do we refrigerate cookie dough?

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Why do we refrigerate cookie dough?

Butter is the primary ingredient that gives flavor, tenderness, and flaky layers to most baked goods and it also plays an important roll in keeping the baked goods structure. Butter temperature impacts the shape, spread, and texture in your cookies which reflects how cakey, crispy, or flaky your cookies will be. This is why some recipes call for cold butter vs. butter at room temperature.

Dairy-free butter is made with oil, which melts faster than regular butter. The temperature of dairy-free butter is important during the baking process. The cold butter will hold the cookie structure while the heat slowly melts the dairy-free oils. Be sure to to refrigerate dairy-free cookie dough 30 minutes before baking for perfect dairy-free cookies every time.

Baking dairy-free has become very easy thanks to the various butter substitutes in the market. Both Country Crock or Earth Balance buttery sticks are the easiest replacement in our cookie recipes.

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