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Surprisingly gluten free!

From Our Hands To Your Table

MinusG is an Ohio brand, making sweet & savory baking mixes for theĀ gluten-free and allergy-friendly diet. Being a part of the celiac community, I know the challenge in finding good-tasting gluten-free food.

MinusG's outrageously delicious baking mixes are also free from the top 9 food allergens plus a few more. From start to finish each mix is made in a dedicated gluten-free kitchen with whole grains, non-GMO and plant-based ingredients, and sourced from local growers where possible. It's my delight to share MinusG's baking mixes with you and show how they make a meal or gathering enjoyable again. You too can live without compromise.

~ Katherine, the MinusG Baker

Gluten-free & Top 9 Allergen-Free